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Bayon temple
  • Angkor Thom, the last capital, was indeed a ''Great City'' as its name implies, and it served as the religious and administrative centre of the vast and powerful Khmer Empire. It was grander than any city in Europe at the time and must have supported a considerable population which may have been as high as one million.

    Bayon : built in the end of 12 century in dedication to Buddha, is charming with the decoration of  smiling faces, and the most favourite temple among tourists. Visit Baphuon built in the middle of 11th century dedicated to Shiva. According to Zhou Daguan, Baphuon was the towers of bronze while Bayon  the towers of gold. Then continue to the ancient royal palace where the kings of Angkor lived. Like much of Angkor Thom, the residences of the king, and those who worked in the palace, were built of wood and have disintegrated, leaving no traces.

    See Phimeanakas (aerial palace), located in inside the Royal Palace compound, was the temple where the king worshipped. It must originally have been crowned with golden pinnacles, as Zhou Daguan described it as the '' Tower of Gold''.

    Walk through the compound to the Tarrace of the elephants: built in the end 12th century by Jayavarman VI, located directly in front of the Royal Palace enclosure wall.

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